In this post we share 4 hijab fabrics that are perfect to wear during hot Summer days.

It is especially important for hijabis to pay attention to the fabric of our hijabs, as we are wearing an extra layer of fabric/cloth, which means an extra layer of warmth.

Here are the best fabrics for keeping a cool head during Summer:

1) Cotton

Cotton is a fabulously breathable natural fibre. It allows air to circulate through the hijab, keeping you cool and naturally air conditioned.

2) Viscose/Rayon

Although viscose/rayon is not a natural fibre, it is made from a thinner thread than cotton and fabrics made with viscose can be lightweight. Viscose/rayon is better in dry heat than humid conditions. Ideally, you should wear light coloured hijabs rather than dark, as dark colours absorb more sunlight, making you feel hotter.

3) Linen

Linen is another amazing natural fibre which is breathable, and it’s light weave allows air to pass through easily, keeping you cool. Linen is not too commonly used for hijabs, but a great option if you want comfort in Summer.

4) Blends

Blended fabrics made for Summer are another great option for keeping you cool on a hot day. Examples include cotton and viscose blends, or cotton and polyester blended fabrics. Blended fabrics resist heat and help you stay cool.

Chiffon and Gourgette are also good fabrics for Summer, however they are usually sheer and require undercaps/layers, which defeats the purpose of keeping you cool.

Have a fab hijabilicious Summer 😀

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